About Dating a Catholic Military Guy

About Dating a Catholic Military GuyAbout Dating a Catholic Military Guy

Dating a Catholic military guy can be difficult. Establishing independence and clear communication can help make it a positive and rewarding experience.


Dating a Catholic military guy can be a challenge. While any relationship can present its own problems and complications, maintaining a successful dating relationship with a man in the military who is also Roman Catholic can be even more difficult. The military itself is a lifestyle unlike any other. A guy in the military must adhere to strict rules, obligations and often enormous amounts of pressure. The Catholic religion also has its own set of standards and rules. If a person is willing to put in the time and effort, dating a Catholic military guy can be well worth the effort.


In order to have the most successful relationship with a Catholic man in the military, it is helpful to learn as much about the military and Catholicism as possible. Keep in mind that the military has its own schedule, lingo and practices. Knowing more about them will help create a greater understanding and can help develop a lasting bond. Researching the Catholic religion can do the same. Asking a Catholic guy in the military about his specific beliefs, what services he attends and where he goes to church will help give a clear picture about how important his religion is to him and what role it plays in his day-to-day life.


Involvement in the military and the Catholic religion can require a great deal of time, effort and self-discipline. When dating any man, it is always healthy to be independent and have separate interests and activities. When dating a Catholic military guy, this can be even more beneficial. Any healthy dating relationship requires time apart. Military deployment and long stints away from home can create times of separation. These separations can often last a long while. Individual hobbies and friends can help make these separations from a Catholic man in the military a more tolerable and enjoyable challenge.


Almost everyone needs a good support system to live a full and happy life. When dating a Catholic military man, this includes staying involved with friends and family. Keep in regular contact with those who are close and understand the circumstances of the relationship with a man in the military. Make an effort to get to know other people who are in similar situations. Dating a Catholic guy in the military might mean getting to know his friends and family as well. Be open to meeting and establishing relationships with them. This can also help in creating a greater understanding of what he is going through, and can be a great source of advice and help if dating him becomes difficult. Joining an online support system can also be useful.


Open and honest communication with a Catholic military guy is one of the most important ways to ensure happiness on both ends. When he is close to home, spend quality time together. Plan to attend events and become involved in activities both alone as a couple and with mutual friends and family. If attending Catholic services with a military man is an option, become involved in his church. If he must leave because of his military obligations, schedule phone conversations. Regular contact through email, traditional mail and care packages are also good means of communication.


Relationships can require a great deal of maintenance and effort. Deciding to date a Catholic military guy is not the best choice for everyone. Some find dating a Catholic military man to be a very rewarding experience, while others choose to end it. Time apart, personal religious beliefs and future goals can all play a part in deciding whether or not to commit to this kind of relationship. In the end, it is a personal decision.

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