If You Are Dating Someone in Meez, How Do You Make Them Kissing on Your Profile?

The The "Add Relationship" and "Feature a Person" options grant a dating animation on Meez.

Meez is a social networking and web game platform where members create 3D avatars then customize and accessorize them from thousands of choices of hair styles, clothes and jewelry. Though Meez membership is free, as are most general customization options, there are premium accessories and avatar animation actions that members can purchase after buying Meez Coinz with a credit card or PayPal account. One of these actions is the "Dating Feature" which displays two avatars holding hands and kissing on your profile.

Log in to your Meez account and go to your Friends List. Confirm that the person you are dating is added to your Friends List and that your Coinz balance is 2500 Coinz or greater.

Click the avatar icon for the person you are dating. Select the options "Add Relationship" and "Featuring the Person." Pay 2500 Coinz for these two features.

Instruct the person you are dating to follow Step 1 and Step 2 in his own account. Only if these steps are completed on both accounts will either of you receive the animation action of your avatars holding hands and kissing. This action is displayed on both profiles as well as a "Dating" tag beneath your avatar name and a small silver ring.

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  • You will only receive the "Dating" tag and silver ring under your avatar name, not the dating animation action on your profile, unless the person you are dating also purchases the "Add Relationship" and "Featuring the Person" options.

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