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Romance your love through use of well-thought-out emails.Romance your love through use of well-thought-out emails.

Today's busy lifestyle and the prevalence of online or long-distance dating requires new skills for those looking for love. Connecting online is fast and easy for many and allows the dater to get an idea of a potential date's likes and dislikes right up front. Get the most benefit from your online dating experience by writing intriguing and informative emails that can help you hook your "fish." Stay true to some traditional etiquette and keep the conversation going to succeed.

Initial Email

Be friendly and enthusiastic in your emails.

Normally, if you are sending an email in response to a dating profile, you will already have a little information about the recipient. Don't assume that you are already friends and treat the first email like a personal introduction. Start the email with a friendly "Hello, my name is..." and make reference to how you saw his or her profile. For example, "Hi, My name is Tim and I saw your profile on" Include a link to your dating profile, webpage or Facebook page so she can check you out prior to responding.

Getting to Know You

Take a paragraph in your email to discuss some of the things that make you special and be specific. For example, don't just say you love to cook, say, "My Chicken Marsala has all my friends licking their plates after dinner." The more specific you are, the more you'll stand out in his or her mind.

Common Experiences

Discuss travel experiences so he or she can imagine exploring with you later.

You may have an idea of some of her interests from her dating profile, so break the ice by building on shared experiences. For example, if she says she likes to travel and has been to Canada, mention your trip to Banff and talk about your glacier hike. Discuss your dreams to visit Nova Scotia and ask her to recommend some must-see areas to explore.

Inspire Response


It is tempting when dating via email to just talk about yourself, but your reader wants to feel included in the conversation. Add some questions to inspire his or her response to your note. Avoid interviewing, but pepper your email with queries that fit in naturally to the topic. For example, "I envy your ability to cook and I have been looking for a really easy chili recipe, any suggestions?"

Keep it Light

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dating via email is getting too familiar. It is natural to feel more at ease writing than speaking, but a common pitfall to those looking for a relationship is falling into suggestive discussion. Think of your email dating as you would dating in person and behave and write things you would only feel comfortable saying across a dinner table. Nothing will eliminate you faster from a potential meaningful courtship than delving into written erotica, so avoid the naughty talk until the relationship is more solid.

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