Dating Etiquette for Young Ladies

Offer to pay if your date falls short on cash.Offer to pay if your date falls short on cash.

Starting to date is a rite of passage for every young girl. The choices she makes affect her for the rest of her life. Girls usually start dating in high school, so they are not well informed about the dos and don'ts of relationships. Hormones are going wild. Boys are suddenly taking interest in them. Every choice made with a boy uplifts or damages a girl's reputation. It is difficult to remain poised in many situations. In order to uphold her family's values and her reputation, a young girl must follow dating etiquette very closely.

What to Wear

When your date asks you out, ask him what you should wear -- informal, semi-formal or formal clothing. You do not want to be under or over-dressed. It will be awkward for you and your date if you are in a chiffon gown while he is in a t-shirt and jeans. Wear chic, elegant clothes that you are comfortable in. Do not show too much skin or wear something to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Showcase your own sense of style without over-doing it. He will see you respect yourself and respect you for it.


Make it absolutely clear what time you have to be ready by. If he is going to pick you up, it is better to be ready 15 minutes in advance. You will have enough time to see if you have forgotten anything -- perfume, jewelry, mascara. By being late, you are ensuring he will be sitting and waiting with your parents. That usually does not go that well on the first date, unless you have already talked about it with him and your parents.

If you are meeting him somewhere, do not be late. Being on time shows you are interested and he will appreciate it. Being "fashionably late" makes your date think you have stood him up. If you like him, be on time.

State of Mind

On the first date it is better to leave previous relationships and personal baggage out of the conversation. Keep the conversation light and flowing. Be nice to the guy and show him you appreciate all the effort he is making. Compliment him on his attire. Show interest on the place he has picked.

Do not complain, be bitter about something you do not like or criticize everything that comes your way. You do not want to seem high maintenance -- its a big turn-off for most guys.

It is extremely important to be yourself. You want him to like you for what you are, not who you pretend to be.

The Bill

Usually the guy pays for the date but it is always best for you to keep some money. If he falls short a little, offer to pitch in kindly. Do not seem agitated and hold it over his head later. Be lady-like and help him out. He will adore you for your patience and understanding.

Getting Physical

After a first date, it is appropriate to exchange a small kiss or hug -- especially if you have just met the guy. You need to get to know him more before making out or getting too close. Sex should not be an option after the first date. Young girls are vulnerable and sensitive -- and not ready for sex. Wait until you are older, more mature and well-informed of the risks and consequences.

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