Dating Games for Tweens

Kids are starting to date at younger ages than previous generations.Kids are starting to date at younger ages than previous generations.

As a tween, the world of dating might seem like a giant game. The goal is to find the partner that matches up with you the best. While dating, you can play a variety of games to learn about your fellow teens. In the course of playing these games, tweens find those who have the same interests and hobbies, developing friendships and dating relationships.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner

Create a questionnaire for both partners in the tween couple. Questions can include those such as favorite color, sports, activities and what pets they have. Line up the girls in the center of the room and ask them to guess the answers their partners provided. Each correct answer is one point. Switch and have the boys try to guess the answer their partners gave. The couple with the most points total for correct guesses is the winner of the game.

Truth Or Dare

Gather a group of tweens for a game of truth or dare. Guidelines should be set so the dares do not go over the line. As an example, if a dare includes kissing someone of the opposite sex, the kiss should be on the cheek. Truths can be inquisitive but should not get too personal so as to embarrass the tweens.

Spin The Bottle

When you get a group of tween couples together, it's only natural that a little chemistry forms between the opposite sexes. A playful game of spin the bottle will allow them to act it out in a safe manner without excessive physical contact. Just like the truth or dare game, create guidelines such as all kisses must be on the cheek.

Games With Food

Provide a variety of different games with food. One example could be hanging an apple on a string from the ceiling and letting kids take turns trying to get it in their mouth. Another game would be trying to throw the most pieces of popped popcorn into your partner's mouth in a specified time period. The couple with the most caught pieces of popcorn wins. You could also have the couples blindfold one partner, then have the other feed her different foods so she can guess what they are.

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