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Online dating has revolutionized the dating industry. No longer do people need to rely on searching and finding people in person; they can now head to the nearest computer, set up an online dating profile and browse other daters. The difficulty lay in displaying your personality, interests and desires in words within the limited space of an online page. The battle begins with the headline, which along with the usual profile picture, makes up the initial impression you provide to other online daters.

Casual Daters

One of the go-to headlines for most people is the casual dating headline. The casual dater is usually the person with their options open. They might be looking to date without a relationship; however, they are potentially interested in the opportunity for serious relationships should they arise. The headline might read anything from “Life shouldn’t be serious, so let’s see where it goes” to “I might be the one you are looking for.”

Serious Daters

There are many daters that have no interest in dating without the prospect of a serious future. For this group, it is important to weed out anyone without a stern interest in long-term relationships. The headline can be used for just this goal. Simply being blunt works, such as “Looking for something long-term”; however, something not so forward also can signify a serious dater, including “Challenge breeds character, as well as appreciation for the simple things,” signifying someone with a mature profile headline.

Fun Daters

Dating isn’t limited to those that have an interest or even a potential interest in serious dating. Some daters are strictly dating just for the fun of it without any intention of a relationship. These daters want to find like-minded individuals. Headlines can be the ideal place to do this. Something such as “Single, free and loving it” can immediately signify your free and easy lifestyle with no intention to change.

Humor Headlines

Of course, the catchiest headlines, regardless of the type of dater you are, often lay in humorous headlines that make you stand out from the competition. Although they might not signify exactly what you’re interested in, they will show people the type of personality you have, making you much more attractive to other online daters. There are tons of options, such as “If I like you, can I keep you?” “Bear needs keeper.” “Is this thing like eBay?” or even “I’m willing to lie about where we met!”

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