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Being single can be lonely, especially if you live in a large city like Los Angeles. Getting out and playing the field comes with its ups and downs, and if you've been out of the dating world for a long time, it may be even harder to go out and find the right person to date. Following the tips below will help you get started whether you're new to dating in L.A. or a seasoned serial dater in the big city.

Speed Dating

It sounds silly but it's a lot of fun and is an excellent way to at least meet and mingle with fellow Los Angeles singles. The premise behind Speed Dating is that everyone in the room meets one another in a "date" type atmosphere, which is provided by whomever is hosting the event. Each and every guest of the event is given a scorecard in which they tally a score on each individual they date. Each date ordinarily lasts about 60 seconds, and then the next person sits at your table. During the 60 seconds (or more, depending on the host's wishes), you are supposed to ask each other different questions, whether of intimate nature or not, in an attempt to get to know one another. You score the person depending on several things, from their general attitude to chemistry. At the least, you can walk away with a new group of friends to get out and socialize with, giving you a boost in confidence, which will aide in your dating life.

Online Love

There are several forums and dating websites available to the entire world, and hundreds of thousands of people in the Los Angeles area are logged on and looking for a date or more. Target sites like Mingle and Chemistry cater to locals and match you with people on several different levels. You are hardly ever matched with someone outside of your local area. There are particular forums that are targeted specifically to Los Angeles locals, like Yap, a forum for Los Angeles professionals who want a place to kick back and chat with like-minded individuals. There is a special section just for singles, dating and other related topics.


You've seen the late-night advertisements on television, showing beautiful girls staying in on a Friday night to talk on the phone to local singles. Lava Life is the most widely advertised party phone line and has several hundred Los Angeles locals on the lines at any given time. You can get to know just about anyone on the phone, and perhaps find your soul-mate, if caution is followed. It's always best to really get to know someone before agreeing to meet him in this manner.

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