Dating Ideas in Providence

Downtown Providence offers many opportunities for dating.Downtown Providence offers many opportunities for dating.

With its colonial architecture, scenic river walk, and charming outdoor cafes, Providence, Rhode Island, offers plenty of opportunities for romance. Any adventurous spirit can find something to do or see that will make sparks fly.

WaterFire Installation

The WaterFire installation is a "live" sculpture consisting of the lighting of 100 bonfires on the three rivers that run through downtown Providence. The fires are the centerpiece of a festival that also includes gondola rides and opera music. One possibility for a date is to meet for dinner at the Waterplace Restaurant, then make your way through the crowds and down to the river for a gondola ride.

Waterplace Restaurant One Finance Way Providence, RI 02903 401-272-1040

Roger Williams Park

In spring and fall, this park blossoms with verdant life, attracting tourists and locals alike. A date might include a leisurely stroll through the Victorian Rose Garden, a picnic lunch and a visit to the Museum of Natural History & Cormack Planetarium.

Museum of Natural History & Planetarium Roger Williams Park 1000 Elmwood Ave Providence, RI 02907 USA 401.785.9457 ext.221

College Hill Historic District

This neighborhood has some of the country's oldest preserved buildings, and is sure to interest anyone with a yen for history culture, and architecture. Take your date on a walking tour that includes the Old State House, the Providence Athenaeum, and a view of downtown Providence from Prospect Terrace Park.

Old State House 150 Benefit Street Providence, RI 02903-1209 401-222-2678

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