Dating: How to Get a Man to Respect You

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Dating, or any relationship, can be so difficult in this day and age. Sometimes all we want in the end is what Aretha Franklin so boldly stated in her hit song: respect. It can be difficult when we do not know what to do or say to gain your man's respect. There are a few simple things that will help earn a man's respect, along with some self-respect and determination. In the end, respect can be the secret recipe to making any relationship survive.

Respect yourself if you want a man to respect you. Be confident and stand up for yourself when you feel it is necessary and don't be a pushover. Do not put up with others disrespecting you or being rude.

Respect your man if you want the same in return. Do not boss him around by telling him what he can wear, what he can do in his free time or with whom he can hang. If you currently practice these bad habits, try cutting down how many times you do it until you can eliminate the behavior altogether.

Create your own interests and don't be afraid to be your own person. If all you are interested in is your man, then it possibly could be a turn-off. Share your hobbies with him, although it is healthy in a relationship to spend some time apart. Try to have an adequate balance between spending time with your family and friends and him. Understand that he has a life outside of you and strike up a reasonable compromise.

Do not be desperate or try too hard. If he says he can only date a woman that loves sports, it does not mean you start watching every football game with him. Of course, there has to be some compromise in dating, but do not try to be somebody you are not. If you do, eventually the real you will come out, and he may not understand where she has been hiding.

Wait awhile after you begin dating before you have sex with him. If he does not get to know the real side of you first, he may run off and break your heart after doing the dirty deed. Show him you are worth the wait and unwilling to give it up to him too quickly.

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  • Trying to gain respect is not always an easy thing to achieve and will not happen overnight. Just be patient and give your relationship a little more time.
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