Dating Mistakes That Women Make

Love is blind, and unfortunately many women are blind to their classic dating mistakes. From clinginess to trying to change a man, women fall into these traps in almost every relationship.

Always Available

Men like to do things the hard way. Anyone would get nervous if things came too easily. A woman in love, however, is likely to accept any and every date invitation and night out her man plans for her. Do not do this. Make your plans around your friends and if your man calls for a date, accept it if you have the time.

Becoming Clingy

Nothing turns a man off faster than a clingy woman. Men are lone wolves, at least they like to think they are. Calling constantly or getting upset when he doesn't call at the time he said he would is a sure-fire way to guarantee he will never call again.


We go on dates to have fun and learn about someone new. But learning about someone new does not mean you need to interrogate him. Ask questions, but keep it light. Don't ask about his past or personal life unless you know each other well. If you want to ask questions, ask him about something he is interested in talking about, such as his work or hobbies.

Talking Long Term

If a date is going well, then you may set up the next one for next week. Do not start talking months or even weeks in advance. The man may become a deer in the headlights, and he will run.

Trying to Change a Man

The mistake all women make at some point in a relationship is to try and change a man. Books have been written and movies have been filmed about this very subject and its poor results. Men are creatures of habit. While changing a characteristic may be possible, it is very rare. Don't count on it.

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