About Dating an Older Woman

You can't always control love, and if you happen to be dating an older woman, there are a few things you should know. After the old lady and cougar jokes are put aside, take time to appreciate the finer points of dating an older woman. She has probably "been there and done that," so she may be looking for a long-term relationship and plans to settle down. If that's not your plan, you may need to move on.


Whether it's a year's difference, or 10, between your ages, if she is older than you, then you are dating an older woman. If she talks about the good old days, and it reminds you of conversations you've heard between your parents, you are dating an older woman.


Older women have more experience in many areas. When dating an older woman, take advantage of her years of practice in the kitchen. She probably knows how to make some great meals. When it comes to a quiet date at home, gladly accept, because you might get to try some of her cooking.


When dating an older woman, keep in mind that you may be in different phases of your life. While she is into her career, you may still be in school. You will have to learn to respect her work schedule, which is probably much more rigid than classes for a few hours a day. Plan to go on dates on her days off, or free evenings. Plan your dates so that it works with both of your schedules.


Once you have discussed your age difference, let it go. If you get along, and you enjoy each other's company, don't dwell on the fact that you are dating an older woman. As we age, the years between us aren't as evident as teenagers dating in high school. "Robbing the cradle" and dating an "old lady" jokes get old after a few dates.


If she has children, and you don't, respect that she will need family time with her children. Plan dates that include the children, like dinners at family friendly restaurants, sledding or going to a movie together. Since she is older, she will have more responsibilities in her life. As long as you accept them, dating an older woman should be a breeze.

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