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Many people are turning to online dating sites such as, OKCupid! and eHarmony, with more than 20 million people using Match as of 2010. The first thing all of them ask you to do is set up a dating profile, which can be a daunting task. There are a few tips that can get you started and let you express yourself to potential matches.

Avoid Too Much Detail

Your online profile should provide a gateway to an in-person date, where you will probably want to discuss your background and history. Avoid putting all of this information in your personal summary. Provide just enough information that someone will be intrigued by an idea of what you are like, then expand upon this in private messages and dates.

Use Anecdotes

Instead of writing what you're like, use stories from your past that illustrate these adjectives. So if you wanted to show that you're spontaneous, point to a moment in your past where you showed that quality. Using specific stories will help potential matches get an idea of what you're like without your telling them.

Pick the Right Photo

Your photo is the first impression of your dating profile. Be sure to pick one that showcases you in the best light. OKCupid's blog analyzed a number of factors, and their tips were: Pick a smiling photo with eye contact, pick a photo with a downward angle, and choose a photo that shows off something interesting about you. For example, a photo of you snorkeling or in the desert might provide a good icebreaker.

Personalize the Profile

Try to avoid cliches that many people use, such as "I have a great sense of humor" or "I am a laidback person." You will get more attention if you use specific and unique things in your profile, such as mentioning your love of Italian films or your collection of old arcade games.


A sloppy profile with poor spelling can turn off potential matches. If you have a lot of errors, it shows a lack of effort at online dating. Proofreading and making sure that your profile has good grammar and spelling communicates that you are serious about finding someone through the website.

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