Dating Profiles That Attract Women

Make sure potential matches can't wait to meet you.Make sure potential matches can't wait to meet you.

Attracting a woman through a dating website starts with being yourself, both in your profile and in your photos. If you've ever read a potential match's profile and thought she's too good to be true, too self-important or too incapable of putting together a sentence, then consider how to avoid those mistakes yourself. With a well-written dating profile, you can attract the kind of women you'd be proud to take out for dinner and a movie.

Get Her Attention

Avoid empty adjectives like "fun," "fit," "open-minded" and "friendly." Otherwise, you'll sound just like the thousands of other online profiles she's already seen. Since your potential matches have nothing more than your profile and photos to go on, you don't have the benefit of making eye contact, smiling at her and offering a flirtatious "Hello." Instead, you must grab her attention much like a marketer writing a subject line for an email. Include an eye-catching headline, a powerful opening and distinctive details about you. Replace your "I enjoy long walks on the beach" with "I dig sunset cocktails with live jazz and no curfew." Give her just enough information that she'll want to know more, without giving away every detail.

Be Honest

If you're honest in your online profile, women will like you for who you are, not the person you think they want you to be. Things like smoking, drinking, your age and your fitness level are all things you don't want to lie about. Not only will she eventually find out the truth if you two meet, but you'll also prevent yourself from meeting a woman who perhaps doesn't mind your few extra pounds or the fact that you were alive for Woodstock.

At the same time, exercise some caution. You need not describe your failed last relationship, your loneliness or your doubts that you'll ever get over your first love. Those are details best saved for when you two are ready to reveal your love history, if ever. Stay upbeat and say what you are seeking, not what you don't want. For instance, "Psychos and needy chicks need not apply" can become "I'm seeking an independent, emotionally stable woman."

Choose Photos Wisely

You might think that photo of you with your shirt off and surrounded by models sends the message that you're attractive and desirable. After all, if all those hot women want to be near you, why wouldn't a potential match? On the contrary, these types of photos send the message that you are either a player, or that you aren't self-confident so you must surround yourself with beautiful women. If you decide to use your bare chest as an asset, do it tastefully. Include the shot with you surfing or playing volleyball on the beach, but not the one with you doing tequila shots and the limbo. Most important, make sure your photo is current so women see a true representation of who you are today. Finally, avoid group shots where it's difficult to tell which one is you, and if you post any photos with children, maintain their privacy by cutting them out of the picture or graying out their faces.

Show a Friend

When your online dating profile is completed, ask a friend to look it over for typos, grammatical errors and general readability. If possible, get a male and a female perspective. Make sure they look at your photos, too, to offer any thoughts on whether the photos accurately portray who you are.

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