Dating & Relationship Facts

Relationships and dating are important.Relationships and dating are important.

While dating and relationships are exciting, knowing how to maintain these situations can seem like a mystery. Going onto a date or into a relationship without preparation is unwise. Perhaps you are curious on what to expect or you just want to brush up on your dating technique. Whatever the case may be, knowing what to expect is beneficial for every situation.

First Impressions

Most women find that men who are unclean, who do not mind burping or belching in public and generally do not take care of themselves to be a complete turn-off. Even how they stand can determine what a woman thinks of them. Women also pay special attention to what men are wearing. Dr. Victoria Zorok, a columnist for Penthouse magazine, suggests that if a man does not know what to wear on a date, he should decide on something blue. Women tend to be more attracted towards men who wear a calming shade of blue, she says. Women should remember that a date will likely scope out their clothes, then fragrance, skin, and lastly hair.

Turn Offs

To men, women seem desperate if they have a completely open schedule. Women should take time to enjoy themselves and live their lives before making themselves too available. Men also try to avoid women who flirt with everyone, those who want to commit right away, and women who are dramatic. A man usually looks for a woman who will not come between him and his friends' "man time", demands too much from him or becomes too possessive.

First Dates

Dates can end as soon as they begin if you talk about your ex or show up after the scheduled date time. This can be a big turn-off, as your date will feel like he is taking second base to your life and to your ex. To create a connection between the two of you, remember to use your date's name throughout the conversation. Do this with information that she tells you about herself. Both men and women take interest in themselves and the use of their names as a compliment.

After The First Date

Many men believe that women who call too often are clingy, have low standards or require constant compliments. Allow three or four days between calling him back, or simply wait for him to call you. If it takes longer than five days to hear back from you, then he might not be interested. If a man asks a woman for their phone number first, it is best to wait for him to call you.

Getting Serious

Getting serious is a big part of dating. A relationship is usually the reason men and women begin dating, so it is best to understand when it is okay to take things a step further. Many couples wait up to eight dates before they begin a relationship. Men also tend to fall in love with women faster than women fall in love with men. (See Reference 5)

Break Ups

There are definite signs when a man is cheating. The most prominent sign is that he is accusing you of doing so, is working much more than usual, or you start to get wind of rumors. He is about to break up with you whenever the passion disappears from the relationship, fights are being started for no reason, and he spends less and less time with you. (See Comments)

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