What Are Dating Rituals Based on Cultures?

Dating rituals are often closely tied to a country's culture.Dating rituals are often closely tied to a country's culture.

Every culture is different and that is what makes a diverse world. Dating is a ritual that many couples participate in to find a partner in marriage or to test compatibility as a mate. Many cultures have specific dating rituals that are unique to their region, their religion and their way of life.

Italian Dating Rituals and Culture

Italians have a reputation for being lovers.

Italy is a beautiful country that has a culture embedded in thousands of years of tradition and ritual. Love and romance are as much a part of the culture as the ties to the Catholic Church. How you dress can determine who you attract as a mate or who you may marry. Women dress well to draw the attention of potential suitors, and men dress well to show they can provide for the women they are after. Both men and women's dating rituals are the same in the respect that each gender dates those deemed a suitable partner, but both men and women sometimes do have flippant affairs with others who are attractive but do not meet their economic goals.

German Dating Rituals and Culture

German men may bring flowers to the mother of his date as a courtesy.

Germany is known for its beautiful mountains and alpine living. Dating in Germany is a ritual that has certain guidelines. Most Germans do not marry until their mid to late 20s. This leaves plenty of time for dating and finding the right mate. A German girl would never ask a man out or pick up the check for dinner. That is a man's responsibility.

Thai Dating Rituals and Culture

A Thai woman's reputation is her ticket to a good marriage.

Thailand is deeply ingrained in its culture and dating rituals. A Thai woman's reputation is her badge of honor. A Thai woman usually won't have sex when dating and may at least wait until the marriage date is approaching. A Thai man must measure the woman's reputation to match the dowry that he must present to the woman's family when he asks for her hand in marriage. During the dating ritual, a Thai woman may hold the hand of her boyfriend, but touching other parts of the body is considered taboo. The woman's head is considered sacred and cannot be touched by a man unless she gives him permission.

Mexican Dating and Culture

In Mexico, girls are often expected to see their boyfriends at home under the young women's parents and other family members' eyes.

Dating rituals in Mexico are held in place by the cultural belief that family comes first. The male plays the dominant role in both dating and as head of a family. A young suitor must ask permission to date from the woman's father and sometimes even the grandfather. The suitor takes on the role of a man during dating by asking for the date and paying for dinner. Though American influences and attitudes have influenced dating in Mexico's urban areas, the rural areas of the country still follow custom. Public affection is not frowned upon in Mexico, though sexual situations won't happen until a long-term commitment is decided upon.

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