Dating Russian Women

When dating a Russian woman it is important to be sensitive to key areas of interest that may influence the relationship. From culture to religion to the way she communicates and resolves conflict, it is important that you understand a Russian woman in the areas that matter most. Remember, in understanding a Russian woman, you work to better serve the relationship.

Understand the Russian perspective. In Russia, greater emphasis is placed on family and society than individual accomplishment and merit. When dating a Russian woman, respect her sense of family and desire for social connectedness. Many Russian women are active in the community and church. Encourage social activity and agree to participate as actively as possible. Suggest date nights that include theater, dinner, church events or live music.

Respect the role of religion to the Russian woman. After 70 years of atheism as the official state religion, Russia has recently observed a societal change in views of God. Now, the majority of Russians adopt a Christian lifestyle and belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. In spite of these changes, the Christian ideology has not made lasting strides in the re-development of the Russian marriage and family structure. Because church marriage is not official in Russia, many Russian women are not overwhelmed by the American ideal of church wedding celebrations. These same customs may find their way into your wedding plans, if applicable, as well as your weekly participation in a church service when dating a Russian woman.

Learn to match the Russian woman's clear and direct communication. A Russian woman likely will not hesitate to speak frankly and with a direct approach to communication. She is bold, uninhibited and to the point. When dating a Russian woman, she may be uncomfortable spending a great deal of time padding a conversation with idle chat or folly. Instead, she is more likely to tell you exactly what she wants, or when giving details of her day, explaining just the factual events that occurred, leaving little room for poetic musings. Coincidentally, her frank nature will allow conflict within the relationship to be resolved more quickly, as a Russian woman is more likely to confront her partner at the start of an issue; rather than allow many smaller issues to develop and build without comment.

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  • Always be respectful of cultural differences and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding.


  • Never criticize a Russian woman's cultural or religious beliefs, no matter how different they may be from your own.

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