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Many men are attracted to Russian women for their beauty.Many men are attracted to Russian women for their beauty.

Many men want to date Russian women because they believe Russian women are beautiful and mysterious, as well as family-oriented and intelligent. Russia is a very large country; approximately 1.8 times the size of the United States, with borders stretching from Eastern Europe to the Far East north of Japan and China. As a result, Russians are a very diverse people culturally. However, researchers such as Geert Hofstede have made some generalizations based on research that could be helpful in a dating situation.

Collective Culture

Russia is a very collective culture, meaning that they identify strongly with their families and extended families. As a result, for many Russian women, the welfare of the family is often considered as more important than her own personal happiness. This doesn't mean that all Russian women want a large family or want to stay home; what it means is that she will expect unquestioning loyalty and help and in return she will offer you the same consideration.

Gender Roles

The United States is a masculine culture. Men are expected to be strong and to care for their families. The U.S. is also goal-oriented and competitive. In Russia, the roles of the different sexes are less distinct and Russians as a whole are less competitive and focused on winning. When you date a Russian woman, you should keep in mind that it is fine for you to show your sensitive side; she probably will appreciate it. In addition, competitive or macho displays will be seen as silly.

Comfort with Uncertainty

In the United States, we are comfortable with ambiguity. We don't tend to be uncomfortable with novel or unstructured situations. Russians, on the other hand, tend to dislike uncertainty, instead preferring structured situations and rules. They often view truth as something that is absolute, and they tend to be not as open to new ways of thinking about things. Your Russian date will want certain rules of dating and formality to be observed. For example, when men visit a home, they are expected to bring flowers.


In the United States, power is distributed unequally but the people do have a significant say in what happens in their society. Russian society, however, is more formal and power is distributed very unequally. Because of this Russians tend to be fatalistic and see the future as something that can't be controlled. As a result, when you date a Russian woman, she will be less likely to expect long-term promises from you.

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