Dating Tips for Big & Overweight Women

Dating plays a tough role in nearly every single person's life. Although it has a great reward at the end of the tunnel for most people, it also has many low points. The process can be made all the more difficult for people that fall under certain categories, such as "older daters" or "overweight daters." Luckily, there are many tips to help big and overweight women date more successfully.


Patience is a great virtue for anyone to have during the dating process; however, it can be twice as important for an overweight woman. Due to the nature of attraction, the first thing the opposite sex usually sees is the looks of the other person, which can be a deterrent for many men. Luckily, patience can overcome this obstacle, allowing women to have a broad selection. Patience can also keep a dater from clinging on too quickly to any one person--which can result in a potential mismatch of partners if not judged objectively.

Confidence and Humor

A key to being successful in dating is to be confident in who you are, which can be difficult when a woman is self-conscious about her weight. One option is to practice being more confident, while other options include taking a more pro-active approach, such as setting up a rigorous work-out schedule. Overweight women should focus on displaying their personalities, being outgoing and humorous when talking to a potential date. People tend to mimic other's energy levels, so staying upbeat is important when communicating.

Overweight Dating

If you're strictly looking for an overweight date, then one of the most ideal choices for a big person is to filter out the rest. This can be done effectively through online dating sites that cater to "Big and Beautiful" people only. Sites such as overweight date or large and lovely focus on connecting overweight members to other overweight members. Some of these sites also allow non-overweight people that are only interested in overweight people to join as well.


A key to dating is networking, which makes finding dates much easier for most people. Usually, introductions among strangers bring an immediate focus to looks; however, when networking, a description of your personality will often be the first piece of information relayed to the potential date, which can be especially useful for people that are self-conscious.

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