Dating Tips for Christians

Living a Christian life is not always easy--in fact, the Christian walk is often the hardest to maintain. Those with a strong faith and who are grounded in their beliefs strive to live them everyday and in every situation. Their goal as Christians is to serve the Lord and honor Him with both spirit and body. To do this, purity is a necessity. To maintain purity while dating can be difficult but worthwhile as you may find you have been blessed with a beautiful relationship based on love, respect and friendship versus physical attraction.

Pray Before Your Date

Doing this will give you the strength you need to keep God first and your date second, as commanded by the Bible. When you pray, ask the Lord to guide both you and your date, and ask God to help you honor Him in everything you do. You can ask for purity of heart and mind and protection against temptation as well. All of these prayer requests will help you as you embark on time alone with your significant other.

Talk About Everything

Whether it is your first date or your 31st, you can never have enough conversations. Talking is the only way to truly get to know someone and decide if he is the one you may want to pursue a serious relationship with. You can discuss everything from your favorite activities to your personal spiritual beliefs. The more you converse, the stronger your friendship will be, which results in a bond formed in faith and not by the flesh.

Remain Friends

It is better to keep your relationship at the friendship level as long as possible. In today's society, there is a lot of pressure to move quickly--which often results in a relationship that ends quickly as well. However, the longer you remain friends, the better your chances of having a healthy relationship that will stand the test of time if you choose to marry in the future.

Group Date

Going on dates with other couples who share your beliefs helps distract you from thinking about any of the physical issues that can arise when you are alone. Most of your dates should be planned with other Christian couples--not only can these group dates be fun, but you can help each other maintain purity in your relationships.

Pray Together

Prayer is an intimate communication with God, a way of concentrating on Him and honoring Him. Therefore when you pray together while on your date, you are keeping your eyes focused where they should be, preventing your thoughts and emotions from wandering into areas that could lead to serious physical temptation.

Wait to Kiss

Though this may sound extreme, it may be the most important dating tip for Christians who are trying to remain pure as the word commands. Kissing, though difficult to resist, often stimulates both men and women sexually. Once this physical need begins, it's hard to stop. Rather than placing yourself in this position at all, simply avoid it. Kissing should be abstained from until you have become engaged and have made a more serious commitment to each other, although it requires a lot of self control even then.

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