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Learning how to get girls and date is like crossing a minefield, you have to find the way across the field without stepping on anything explosive. There are thousands of websites, books, and articles on the subject of attracting girls but most of these reiterate the same advice over and over again. Yes, you do need self-confidence, to make eye contact, to be yourself, and to smile, but what else can you do?

Personal Hygiene

Take it from a girl, this is very important. It does not mean you have to be the best dressed or slick-looking all the time, but you do need to be clean! Whether you are on the prowl or going on a date, bathe before you go. According to the Social Resources Centre the myth of the sweaty man pheromone will not get you a date. In a study by Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Institute, women responded most to the combined scent of Good-N-Plenty and cucumber. Invest in a small amount of a good essential oil in a woodsy scent like cedar or cypress and use it sparingly, or see how far cucumber and licorice will get you.

Important grooming tips are: smell nice not overpowering; be clean; style or comb hair; clean nails; clean clothes; brush teeth. Don't ever overlook the power of simple but important things.

The Approach

As in most things, practice makes perfect. Practice your self-confidence and conversational skills with girls you know or approaching girls you are not that interested in dating. Try different conversations and approaches; take note of how a girl reacts to the conversation. Was she comfortable? Did she keep the conversation going? Over time you will become more relaxed and gain more confidence.

Try commenting on the environment you both are in, waiting in a long line, observing what she ordered to drink. Exude confidence by keeping the thought in your mind that she is as human as you are: no matter how unattainable you think she may be, don't let her know that. In fact, do the opposite: be nonchalant in your approach, think that she has to live up to certain standards for you to be interested in her. Don't let this make you cocky or arrogant, though.

The Date

Once you land the date, take her somewhere you can get to know each other without a lot of interference from her friends or yours. Make the date all about her; try hard to get her to come up with the first or second date idea without stressing her out.

Always be chivalrous. Most women place a high value on courtesy and no, it doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money on her. Open doors for her, pull out chairs, if you have to brush up on good manners then do it. It is a rare woman who does not appreciate such gestures.

Remember the simple things. If you are picking up your date at her home, take a small bouquet of flowers. Nothing extravagant, simply stop at the flower shop and get three or four sunflowers with a nice ribbon attached, girls do like small romantic gestures.

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