Dating Tips on How to Meet Girls

Meeting women is the difficult yet necessary first step  to a relationship.Meeting women is the difficult yet necessary first step to a relationship.

Meeting girls is the initial, difficult step toward starting a relationship. Many men struggle with meeting girls because it is an intimidating process; there are seemingly far more chances to slip up than actually meeting women. The key to success lies in self-confidence -- it is usually a matter of displaying a genuine personality and attitude which will ultimately attract women.


Christopher Ruiz, author of "Twenty Keys to Attracting Women," states that it is vital to be surrounded with women to increase the chance of meeting women. Going with friends, classmates and co-workers to different venues are excellent ways to look for a potential someone. Ideas for venues include parks, gyms and bars. Common interest organizations are also effective places to meet women. These places already establish a common interest for the man to follow up on. Organizations include book clubs and yoga classes.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is a key initial move to meet women. Many men are intimidated when women notice that someone is staring at them. Not turning away is a sign of casual confidence that a man is interested in a woman. This method also states the man's motivation clearly; it is a quick and efficient way to determine mutual interest. However, it is also important not to overdo this; avoid looking too focused or too nervous when maintaining eye contact.

Follow Up

After establishing a favorable initial contact, it is crucial to follow up. Some men immediately become nervous and may fail to establish a verbal connection. Other men may fall into the temptation to use pickup lines; while some pickup lines work, it is relatively easier for these lines to fall under overuse and cheapness. Christopher Ruiz suggests that men should find commonality when talking to the girl for a first time. For example, using a mutual friend as an introduction is a highly effective way to break the ice and start the conversation. Other methods include observing for interesting objects around her, talking about the current venue, and asking her general questions to establish a common ground.

Insight: Social Media

Because of the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, many men have used these sites to establish initial contact with women. The tiered network feature of these sites allows users to meet "friends of a friend" relatively easily and in a non-confrontational way. These sites are also used to set up initial meetings; for example, a man might use a concert posted on Facebook to ask a woman if she is also coming to that event. Social media is also a tool used to follow up; similar to getting a phone number, many men ask women for their social media addresses and add them later to their networks.

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