Dating Tips for Men - How to Build Up a Woman's Attraction for You

Wearing red clothing on a date can boost your visual appeal with women.Wearing red clothing on a date can boost your visual appeal with women.

In the 2000 Hollywood blockbuster "What Women Want," Mel Gibson's character suddenly gets the ability to hear exactly what women are thinking around him. If only things were that simple in the real world, especially when it comes to dating and attracting women. Thankfully, researchers have identified specific ways that you can boost your attractiveness in a woman's eyes, no movie superpowers required!

Strum Her Interest With a Guitar

It's no secret that boy bands get a lot of female followers. But you don't have to be the next member of One Direction to get the direct attention of a girl fan or girlfriend. All you have to do is mention during a date that you can play an instrument. In a study in the "Psychology of Music" research journal, women responded more favorably to men who could play the guitar over men who could not play the guitar. Meanwhile, a study in "Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science" found that women were more attracted to photos of men who were posing with musical instruments. Researchers hypothesize that portraying musical ability is an attraction-booster because musically inclined men may have a certain advantage over other men when it comes to intellect and genetics.

Groom Today to Be a Groom Tomorrow

Some guys might think that being handsome and attractive is about the genes your parents passed down to you. Not exactly, says science! Several studies have found that women are most attracted to features in a man that are actually easily modifiable, no plastic surgery or injections needed. Researchers label this area as "self care." For example, simply grooming your facial hair, whitening your teeth, going to the gym regularly and pulling on a tailored suit can dramatically enhance your attraction level among women. This may be because taking care of yourself and your appearance tells a woman that you are mature and responsible, which can spark her interest on a subconscious level.

Make Her See Red

It's no coincidence that red is the official color of Valentine's Day. Red hues hit a woman's brain in several ways, signaling fertility, sexuality and social status, according to several experiments reported by "Psychology Today" magazine. Work red into your wardrobe to make yourself more attractive on a date. For example, wear a red tie or put on a fitted red dress shirt. Researchers have even found that it's not just the wardrobe, but also the setting. If you don't own any red clothes, take her on a date to a place with a lot of red around you, such as a bar with a red wall.

Ask the Right Questions

How you engage with a girl on a date has a big impact on how attractive she finds you. For the best results, avoid talking too much about yourself. Instead, ask questions that show you're highly interested in her and her life. People enjoy talking about themselves. By giving her numerous opportunities to talk about herself, you create a more positive date experience that she will attribute to being connected to you in her memories of the evening. And don't forget the importance of how your body talks, too. When on your date, use positive body language, such as uncrossed arms and direct eye contact.

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