Dating Tips for Singles

The dating scene can be tough. Meeting people isn't easy; between work, taking care of a home and other obligations, it's hard to get out and mingle. If your friends are tapped out, it's even harder. Try to make new friends or try new things. At the very least, you'll learn something and have fun. Once you begin dating, avoid the pressure pitfall. Just have a good time.

How to Meet People

Meeting people can be a battle. Try joining a new group. Maybe you like to run. Look for a running group. If you like to read, look for a book group. You'll make new friends who might know some singles you can meet. You also may meet other singles in the group and you'll already have something in common to talk about. Worried about being a third wheel? Don't be. If you get an invitation to go out, go. You never know who you'll meet. Be adventurous and open to new experiences. Remember, there is no opening line that always works. In fact, it's better to just say hello and introduce yourself rather than use some line. Most people can see right through a line and would rather you be straightforward.

Before You Date

Before you go out into the dating world, make sure you're ready. It's important to like yourself. If you don't, you might come off as desperate. No one needs another person to make them "complete." Go out with friends without worrying about dating. Develop hobbies and interests you enjoy. It's amazing how often you will meet someone when you're not looking.


Navigating the dating world can be tricky. Be confident. Don't be afraid to flirt a little. Pay the other person a compliment. Accept any compliments you get with a simple "thank you." Try to not to put too much pressure on yourself. Maybe you can double date to help ease the pressure of conversation the first time out. One date doesn't mean a lifetime commitment is imminent. And it's okay if you and your date don't click. Don't take yourself too seriously. It'll be hard to open up and have a good time if you're worried about how you sound, how you look or what kind of impression you're making. Don't monopolize the conversation. Ask your date questions about his hobbies, his family, what he likes to do and things he doesn't like. People usually like to talk about themselves. It sounds corny, but being yourself on a date is important. Starting a relationship on falsehoods is never a good idea. How will you know if the other person likes you or your alter ego? If you do find that you are on a horrible date, make the best of it. It's only one night. Don't play games. It's rude and it means you need to go back to the beginning and learn to like yourself. Listen to your instincts. Don't lead someone on. If you really like someone, tell her.

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