The Best Dating Tips for Women

The Best Dating Tips for WomenThe Best Dating Tips for Women

The dating world can be a confusing place for women. In today's society, women's roles in a relationship are no longer predefined by societal expectations. This gives women more freedom and opportunity while dating. However, this can also be overwhelming for women as they struggle to figure out the norms and expectations of dating. With a little confidence and the right tips, any woman will find dating in today's society to be the the fun and rewarding experience it should be.

Ask Him Out

Women shouldn't limit themselves by being afraid to ask a man out. Approaching a man and asking him on a date shows a woman has confidence. Being the one to ask him out doesn't mean he is not interested in you also. Many men fear rejection and may hesitate to ask out a woman they find attractive. Making the first move will show a man you are cool, calm and collected prior to even your first date.

Call Him First

After a first or second date, many women wait anxiously to see if the other person will call them. Don't waste your time waiting around for someone to call you, and call your date first. Playing hard to get can work in some situations, but you shouldn't avoid calling for several days. This can make men think you're just not interested. Calling first will show you're confident and interested. This will distinguish you from other women in the dating scene who may refuse to call someone after a date.

Keep It Light

The beginning dates in a relationship should be light and fun and not too serious. Keep topics light and interesting, and avoid really personal topics such as family issues and past relationships. Ask questions about general topics such interests, hobbies and work and see how those conversation points evolve. Use the first few dates to get to know the person you are dating, but don't turn it into an interview. Some women tend to be inquisitive when meeting new people, but you should not be constantly asking questions.

Dress for Success

Treat your first date like an interview, and dress to impress your partner. All women know the stress that comes with finding the perfect date outfit. Put your best foot forward and don't be afraid to overdress a little for the date; it's better than being under-dressed. Don't overdo it and wear a cocktail dress and heels to go bowling, but make sure you are always polished, well put together, and well-groomed. If the man has planned the date, don't be afraid to ask him specifics about the location and dress code to make sure you find the perfect outfit for your surroundings.

Be a Lady

Even if you've taken charge and pursued a date with a man, it doesn't mean you shouldn't act like a lady on your date. Expect to have doors opened and chairs pulled out for you. Don't demand that these things are done -- you will come off as arrogant or rude -- but politely wait for them to happen. Always use your best manners, even if you are at a very casual establishment. This will show your date what a well-refined, classy woman you are.

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