Dating Tips for Women Over 60

Some women try online dating, while others ask friends to set them up.Some women try online dating, while others ask friends to set them up.

For a single woman over 60, dating can be a challenging and nerve-wracking experience. And this isn’t only because the thought of going on a first date with a stranger is understandably unappealing to a lot of older women. Statistics have shown that between the ages of 60 and 64, there are actually fewer men to date, says author Renee Fisher in "Where Are All The Older Single Men?" on According to Fisher, there are approximately 2.3 women for every one man, and the ratio just becomes more unbalanced the older people get. So, how can a woman over 60 who’s brave enough to put herself out there find a great date?

Create Opportunities

Don’t be afraid to create opportunities for yourself to meet new people. Dating coach David Wygant says in an interview on Sixty and Me that surprisingly, it’s the older men who suffer from a lack of confidence and tend to hang back because they fear rejection. So strike up a conversation with the cute older man in line at Starbucks or the grocery store. The most important guideline for trying to meet a new man, adds Sixty and Me founder Margaret Manning in "Dating After 60: Real World Dating Advice for Older Women," is to do things you’re passionate about like going to a museum or bookstore.

Be Yourself

Although it might be tempting to lie about your age or post a photo online from 10 years ago, you shouldn't do it. If there’s one thing dating experts agree on completely, it’s that you should be honest, and be yourself. Like any relationship at any age, relationships formed over the age of 60 are strongest when built on a foundation of trust. Don’t sell yourself short, or spend time worrying that you’ll have a hard time dating because of your age. Instead, focus on having fun and being the best version of yourself you can be.

Take Your Time

If you’re getting back into dating after a divorce, breakup, or the untimely death of your husband, take your time. There’s no “too fast” or “too slow” when it comes to putting yourself out there again. You can begin dating again whenever you feel comfortable. Similarly, don’t rush into dating or committing to a man because you feel like you only have a small window to find Mr. Right due to your age. Settling for a relationship that isn’t really what you want isn’t better than being alone.

Date With a Clean Slate

It’s important that you begin dating again without any feelings of attachment to your past. In an interview in "6 Steps to Finding New Love" on, relationship expert Dr. Terri Orbuch found in a 25-year study of 373 married couples, that those divorced participants who were no longer harboring feelings for their ex were more likely to find love again. Orbuch recommends expunging those emotions in healthy ways. This could mean volunteering, exercising, attending social events, writing an honest letter to your ex (which you’ll never send) or engaging your creative side by painting or gardening.

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