Dating Topics to Avoid

Dating is a delicate game of acting interested without being needy, feeling confident without being cocky and opening up without "oversharing." The early stages of dating represent a fragile time period where your date could be completely turned off by an offhand comment and you might not even realize you said something to offend. When you're just starting to see someone romantically, avoid overly personal or controversial topics and focus on getting to know each other.


Discussing intense political issues and opinions on a date is likely to spark a debate and possibly an argument. Topics such as abortion, the death penalty, immigration, taxes and socialized health care tend to get people passionate about their convictions. In the early stages of dating. when you're just getting to know someone, confrontation and disagreement are not the basis for the type of connection you want to be making.


Like politics, religion is another topic that is likely to spark debate, controversy and disagreement. People tend to have very strong opinions and are not easily swayed when it comes to religious beliefs. A date should not feel like a debate or a place where you are required to prove the valor of your personal beliefs. You should talk about religion eventually if you pursue a serious relationship, but choose a lighter discussion topic when in the beginning stages of dating.

Family Drama

Just about everybody has a family drama or a high-maintenance relative, but sharing your family problems right off the bat might send your date running in the opposite direction. Talking about your family issues in an attempt to make a connection may also come across as complaining. When you are dating someone and getting to know each other, indicating that you have serious emotional baggage because of your complicated family makes you look more like a project than a catch. Focus on you and your date, not on what's wrong with your family.

Past Relationships

Your past relationships may have contributed to who you are as a person today, but the reality is that your date does not want to hear the details of your recent breakup or how your ex is crazy. Even if you have positive things to say about your ex, keep them to yourself until you are actually in a relationship with someone. Talking about your ex may give your date the impression that you're not over your previous relationship.

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