How to Deal With a Breakup When You Still Love Him

Give each other space after a breakup, and do not communicate too soon.Give each other space after a breakup, and do not communicate too soon.

Dealing with a breakup can take time to heal the emotional pain of letting that special someone move out of your life. Parts of you may hope for reconciliation, while another is relieved to be single again. Feelings of rejection, sadness and resentment are at the forefront of many breakups. Either way, accepting the relationship has met an end can be a bit overwhelming to acknowledge. There are ways to get over a breakup while still having love for your ex-boyfriend.

Stay clear of your ex-boyfriend to allow yourself time to heal. Staying in communication so soon after the breakup pours salt on an open wound. Do not make or accept calls, emails, text messages, instant messages or social networking emails from him. Allow yourself space because to do otherwise would make you vulnerable to going back. There is nothing wrong with being civil and talking when the time is right.

Continue to be sociable and active. Do not be a recluse by staying in the house and sulking over the broken relationship. There is much to look forward to in life, despite not being with the person you are still in love with. Join a gym, and take workout classes to relieve the stress. Volunteer and give back, which helps put more important issues into perspective. Find other hobbies like swimming, biking, dancing, reading or writing to distract you from sad moods.

Remove or refrain from entertaining things that remind you of your ex. Although some people consider this as childish, reminders can be painful to look at after a breakup. Thus, pack them up -- whether they are photos, jewelry, household items or clothes -- and give them a back seat without completely throwing them away. Give your place a new look that inspires positivity and doesn't remind you of the negative scenarios.

Spend time with the family and friends who love and care for you. Life is not over because you have broken up with your boyfriend. Realize that there are lots of special people in your life to share fun times, build memories and lean on for support. Let those people be there for you during this sensitive time in your life.

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  • Do not delve into a new relationship right after a breakup.

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