How to Deal With College Student Breakups

Ending a relationship is tough at any stage, but enduring a breakup is even more difficult while you're juggling the demands of school at the same time. Use these strategies to deal with your feelings and get over your ex while still enjoying your time on campus as a college student.

Attempt to resolve your disagreements and get closure on any hurt or resentment so you'll be able to be cordial if you run into one another. Although it's easy to avoid someone on a large college campus, you may have to interact if you've got the same major, have a class together, live in the same dormitory or participate in the same clubs.

Sign up for new activities as a distraction from the breakup. Volunteer to tutor other students, join a different club to meet new friends or dedicate yourself to your schoolwork. Steer clear of the places you visited together if you're still trying to deal with your feelings.

Try not to discuss the breakup with mutual friends, particularly if they're better friends with your ex-girlfriend and will tell her everything you say. Continue to see her if you enjoy spending time together, but be aware that you may run into your ex if you attend the same parties and functions.

Sit in the front of a lecture hall if you're in the same class. You'll be able to concentrate on what your professor is saying without seeing the person you just broke up with.

Prepare for the fact that you may see your ex-boyfriend with another girl on campus, in your dorm or at mixers if you both belong to a sorority and fraternity. Conversely, try not to flaunt your new relationship in front of your ex if you happen to be the first person to find someone new.

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