How to Deal With a Cranky Girlfriend

A cranky mood can mean various things, ranging from health issues to stress at work.A cranky mood can mean various things, ranging from health issues to stress at work.

Dealing with crankiness and mood swings is part of getting to know anyone on a very personal level, but crankiness can interfere with relationships, or cause tension between those involved. If your girlfriend is cranky or experiencing mood swings, there is likely a reason for this, and you may be able to help her. By following a few guidelines on approaching your cranky girlfriend, you will have the ability to calm her mood and help strengthen your relationship, not harm it.

Step 1

Reflect on the reasons you believe your girlfriend may be cranky and why she is moody. Her mood swings may be from various issues, including job concerns, financial worries or hormonal situations, including PMS.

Step 2

Understand that her crankiness is not always a sign that you have upset her. Take a moment to review what you believe is truly bothering her based on her actions towards you and those around her.

Step 3

Ask her what is wrong, and allow her to express how she feels without criticism or judgment. The idea is to gain her trust and to help calm her down.

Step 4

Give her space to cool off if she is angry or acting unreasonable, as she may just need time away to gather her own thoughts and feelings. If you live with your girlfriend, stay in a separate room for a while or head to the store to give her some time.

Step 5

Comfort her by letting her know you are there for her and will give her anything she needs to help improve her mood and make her happy again. If she is sad or upset, buy her flowers, cook her dinner or complete the household chores to help boost her mood. Tell her to let you know what she needs from you to help fix her cranky mood.

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  • Every woman varies differently with mood swings, so it is important to understand your girlfriend's personal perspective on why she is upset and cranky before attempting to help her.


  • Encourage your girlfriend to seek help from medical professional if her moodiness is extreme and affects her daily life.

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