How to Deal With Guys Looking at My Girlfriend

Be proud of the beautiful woman you're dating and put your faith in her loyalty to you.Be proud of the beautiful woman you're dating and put your faith in her loyalty to you.

If you're dating a beautiful woman, it probably comes as no surprise that she's drawing the attention of a multitude of males as you pass by together. As complimentary as it may be, it's natural to feel uncomfortable -- and perhaps a little peeved -- that several guys are ogling her everywhere you go. Before you blow a fuse, handle the situation with care and learn how to deal with guys who have their eye on your girlfriend.

Step 1

Laugh it off. Take their attention for what it is -- a compliment -- and be happy that you’ve got a great woman by your side. When you notice some guy making googly eyes at your girlfriend, show him and your sweetie that a little innocent competition doesn’t bother you. Give the guy a little eye contact to show him you see him looking and keep moving.

Step 2

Stay close. When you’re walking around in the mall or at a special event, don’t make the mistake of walking so far away from your girlfriend that she looks like she’s single. Stay close by so other guys know she's not single.

Step 3

Show affection. Give your onlookers a little show. Practice a little PDA (public display of affection) when you’ve got a few males looking your way. A kiss or an embrace will be just enough for the nosy guys to only wish they had what you’ve got. Be honest with your girlfriend though, and let her know what's going on to maintain trust in your relationship.

Step 4

Ask your girlfriend to chime in. If the looks become a problem, ask her to pipe in with a word or two. She can whisper to her fans that she’s taken or point to you and mention, “I love this guy.” The looks are playful and shouldn’t threaten your relationship. Have fun with all the attention and feel lucky that she’s drawing the interest.

Step 5

Enjoy it. As long as you have confidence in your relationship and you feel a solid connection, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Enjoy the extra attention and be proud that you're dating a beautiful girl. Don’t allow the attention she attracts to destroy your sense of security in your relationship.

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