Dealing With a Bad Breakup

Don't Hold On to Personal Objects

If you have items that belong to the person you had a bad break up with, do not keep them. Put the items in a box and return them. If it's difficult to gather the items and return them yourself, ask a friend for help.

Avoid Favorite Restaruants and Locations

There will be places that remind you of your ex. These will probably be some of your favorite places to go and favorite restaurants at which to dine. Do not visit these locations in the short-term; they will only remind you of the ex. But keep in mind that these are your favorites as well, and that eliminating them from your life permanently is not the answer. Don't punish yourself because the location reminds you of the relationship.

Talk to Your Close Friends

Avoid isolating yourself after a bad breakup. There is a possibility you didn't have as much time to spend with your close friends during the relationship. Now is a perfect time to remedy that. Confide in them, and express your feelings. Holding the turmoil inside can eat at you, increasing the likelihood of an emotional eruption in the future.

Take a Trip and Do Something You Enjoy

Take this opportunity to escape the situation. Plan a weekend getaway with some friends. By participating in an activity you enjoy with friends you enjoy socializing with, you will start to recover and to reclaim your social life.

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