How to Decode Men's Behavior & Dating

Body language can tell volumes about his feelings for you.Body language can tell volumes about his feelings for you.

The dating game is usually one of frustration, anger and sometimes hurt, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Usually the problem is that men and women have trouble reading each other and knowing what the other is thinking. Often there are unmet expectations because you don't understand how your significant other feels about the relationship. You only have your point of view. Studying body language and other verbal and nonverbal cues can help you understand a man's behavior on a date and know whether the relationship is worth pursuing.

Study his eyes to see if they move from one of your eyes to the other, and then to your nose and mouth. This means he likes the way you look. Check to see how often he blinks or if his pupils increase in size.

Look at how he stands when he is around you. If he's usually facing you in a group setting, this is a good indication that he's interested in you. Look carefully at his feet and arms as well, since even a foot pointed in your direction can be a hint that he likes you.

Observe him as he talks to you to see if he smooths his hair or puts his hands on his belt as an indication that he wants to look stronger or more handsome around you.

Ask him directly how he feels if you are still confused. Move the relationship forward by being honest and asking him to be honest in an open but non-confrontational way. Tell him how you feel and ask him what he thinks about the relationship. Nothing beats honest communication.

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  • Avoid men who move into your personal space early on, discuss inappropriate topics and constantly fill your inbox, voicemail and texts demanding to know where you are and how to get in touch with you. These are signals that he could be pushy.

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