How to Decorate a Bedroom Inspired by a Romantic Beach

Use the beauty of the ocean as inspiration for your bedroom.Use the beauty of the ocean as inspiration for your bedroom.

Many people enjoy the scent of the salty beach air and the natural beauty of the sand and sea. With a bit of decorating, you can bring the beach into your bedroom, giving it a relaxing, carefree look and feel. Beach-themed bedrooms create the feeling of a romantic vacation on a tropical island. To invite the beach into your room, decorate with bright, vibrant colors, charming furniture and objects that remind you of the ocean.

Step 1

Paint your bedroom walls with light colors for an innocent, yet romantic, look. Try a combination of colors such as pastel blue, pink or cream. If you want a bold, tropical appearance, use bright teal, magenta or yellow.

Step 2

Cover your bed with a comforter or blanket that matches or complements the color of the walls. Add matching throw pillows to the bed or put a few on a chair.

Step 3

Place wooden furniture in the room. Wood furniture gives you the feeling of an ocean voyage aboard a ship.

Step 4

Hang wood or bamboo blinds to accent your furniture. Golden-brown blinds help make your bedroom look like a beach hut.

Step 5

Place sea shells, starfish and pieces of coral around the bedroom. Put seashells in bowls and set them on top of a dresser or nightstand, or decorate a picture frame with shells and hang it on the wall.

Step 6

Decorate with tropical plants if your bedroom has large windows and gets lots of sunlight. Ideal plants include dwarf palms or brightly colored hibiscus flowers. If you cannot use live plants, many artificial plants look just like the real thing.

Step 7

Burn fragrant candles that capture the essence of the beach in the bedroom to add another layer of sensual romance to the scene.

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Things You Will Need

  • Paint or wallpaper
  • Seashells
  • Tropical plants, live or artificial

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