How to Decorate a Dining Room for a Romantic Dinner

Set a romantic dinner table for two.Set a romantic dinner table for two.

A romantic dinner is a thoughtful gift for a loved one. You can plan the dinner for a holiday or birthday or as an intimate meal in the middle of the work week to turn an ordinary night into a special occasion. After planning a delicious menu, don't forget to create ambiance and an aura of romance with the right decor items. Make the decorations yourself to give the dining room a personalized touch.

Step 1

Cover the dining room table with a vintage white lace tablecloth to set a romantic tone. Scatter red rose petals across the table.

Step 2

Place red dinner plates on elegant silver or gold chargers. Roll silverware in white linen napkins and secure them with red heart-shaped rings.

Step 3

Fill a vintage cut-crystal vase with a bouquet of fragrant red roses and place it in the middle of the dinner table as a centerpiece. Place a single red rose in an empty wine bottle as an alternative.

Step 4

Place one tall silver or gold candlestick featuring ornate details on each side of the flower centerpiece. Fill the sticks with red taper candles, which will cast a warm, romantic glow across the table.

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Things You Will Need

  • White lace tablecloth
  • Rose petals
  • Red dinner plates
  • Silver or gold chargers
  • White linen napkins
  • Heart-shaped napkin rings
  • Fresh red roses
  • Vase or empty wine bottle
  • 2 silver or gold candlesticks
  • 2 red taper candles

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