How to Decorate a Romantic Fantasy Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom to induce your innermost romantic fantasy.Decorate your bedroom to induce your innermost romantic fantasy.

Your bedroom can serve as your private retreat to escape to at the end of a long day or for a romantic interlude. Create a fantasy-themed bedroom that sets the mood for romance and sparks your imagination. Choose a romantic fantasy setting that appeals to both of you, whether it's classic Victorian, Venetian, French countryside, Moroccan, a wild jungle or a tropical beach. Let your inhibitions go and put together the bedroom of your fantasies.

Step 1

Paint the walls with a soft colour or use wallpaper that establishes your romantic fantasy theme. Cover the walls with luxurious-feeling fabric, such as satin or velvet, if changing the wall colour isn't enough for your theme. Cream, ivory, taupe and golden-yellows are warm colours that work with a variety of romantic themes in the bedroom.

Step 2

Position your bed in the most prominent place in the bedroom. Large, ornate headboards, four-poster beds or beds with canopies work with many fantasy themes. Add nightstands and a dresser or chest. Keep electronics hidden in an armoire. Complete the room with a chair, ottoman or love seat that plays into your theme, such as a zebra print chair for a wild jungle theme.

Step 3

Include luxury linens that feel good against your skin, such as satin or high thread-count cotton sheets. Overstuffed comforters or soft blankets will keep you warm and comfortable. Choose colours that go with your theme. Lacy, floral-covered designs work best in a Victorian-themed bedroom. Sophisticated, solid-coloured bedding in jewel tones work best for a Moroccan-themed bedroom.

Step 4

Hang window coverings that complement your bedding. Sheer white curtains work with a tropical beach theme, just as lacy curtains in black or jewel tones work with a French boudoir.

Step 5

Frame posters or pictures to hang above the bed or opposite the bed. Romantic or sexy images or sculptures should fit into your theme. For example, a silhouette of a couple on the beach at sunset would complement a tropical beach theme. Mirrors and wall sconces are other options that work with most fantasy themes.

Step 6

Accessorise the room with small details that pull it all together. Spread out a multitude of candles and silk rose petals on the dresser, put fresh flowers on the nightstands or keep a tray with wine glasses and an ice bucket on a bench at the foot of your bed. Twist sheer tulle and twinkling lights around the posts or canopy of the bed to add a touch of shimmering light.

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Things You Will Need

  • Paint/wallpaper/fabric
  • Furniture
  • Linens
  • Window treatments
  • Wall decor
  • Accessories

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