How to Decorate a Romantic Room

Romantic rooms create escapes from the real world.Romantic rooms create escapes from the real world.

If you have a flair for romance, go ahead and use it in your home. Nothing beats having a romantic room to escape to after a long hectic day. Romantic rooms are easy and inexpensive to decorate when you know what pieces to look for and how to put them together. When you're finished, you'll have a room you will never want to leave.

Choose neutral colors without going too bold. Muted or subdued shades envelope rooms with softness. Warm colors like light gold work well on walls with light orange or pale green as secondary colors. Pink and lavender are feminine colors and they look good with white and grey. Peach and creamy whites are other options for room colors. Add splashes of brighter colors with flower arrangements, pillows and rugs.

Select comfortable and relaxed furnishings. The romantic style is informal with an emphasis on ease. Look for pieces that are worn or distressed and don't worry about repainting them. The aged look fits well into the soothing and relaxed atmosphere of romantic-themed rooms. White, distressed furniture is one way to go and wrought iron is another.

Decorate with soft and alluring fabrics. Soft, fluffy cushions and pillows are essential if you want your rooms to feel welcoming. In the bedroom, focus lots of attention on the bed. Separate it from the rest of the room with a canopy, panels or hanging linens. Pile quilts on your bed or use plush duvet covers. Invest in fabrics that feel good for a charming experience.

Hang window treatments that enhance a soft and soothing nature. Sheer fabric is pleasing because it is light. If you want more privacy, go with something lacy. For small windows, hang a doily or table runner over a curtain rod. Silk is another alternative for romantic window treatments.

Choose soft lighting for an inviting ambiance. Overhead lighting is generally harsh, so avoid it, if possible. Instead, opt for table and floor lamps that give off a warm glow. Another option for dreamy lighting is wall sconces. Use candles for low lighting.

Display flowers to give your rooms a romantic and airy feel. Fresh flowers in a vase are pleasing to see and smell, but artificial flowers have their place, too. Use them to brighten up dark areas in your home.

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  • Freshen up rooms with scents you love. Use potpourri, soaps, candles and fragrant oils to set the mood.
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