Decorating Ideas for a Romantic Bathroom

Romance in the BathRomance in the Bath

A master suite for two needs to incorporate decorating ideas for a romantic bathroom in addition to the bedroom. Though the colors may be dictated by the adjacent room, or by the existing tile and other aspects of the decor throughout the rest of your home, there are ways to incorporate romance in any powder room. Even if you have only one public restroom in your home, adding some of these details can make it easier for you to turn it into a luxurious retreat in no time flat.

Luxurious Lighting

Ambiance Sets the Mood

Figuring out how to decorate a romantic bathroom is the same as any other space in your home in terms of lighting. Ambiance depends on it. If you want to create the mood for romance, dimmer switches offer settings at your fingertips. Other luxurious choices include the use of candle sconces and candelabras. If you have a smaller space these can also be hung on the wall. They add an air of elegance even when not lit and with the lights down low, can create instant mystery and intrigue.

Sensual Senses

Indulge in Your Senses

Indulging your other senses is a another big part of all of the different decorating ideas for a romantic bathroom. Scented candles offer one way to indulge in smells, other ways include using potpourri, aromatherapy oil burners and incense. In addition to lighting, beautiful artwork that gets you in the mood is a must. Whether you use a simple floral still life that reminds you of courting gifts or a shadow caricature of two lovers, choose something that sets your mind a glow. A small shower CD player sets the tone for the evening while soft towels and a bath pillow pamper your skin.

Pampering Products

Pamper Yourself

Bringing in items to pamper yourself is another big part of all of the different decorating ideas for a romantic bathroom. Bath oils, salts and bubbles can create a great evening for yourself or your partner. Body lotions and other products meant to make your skin feel soft and re-energized add to the ambiance of romance. Figuring out how to decorate a romantic bathroom can be as simple as learning what makes you feel your best.

Organize Your Oasis

Relax for Romance

After you gather all of your romance decor items together, it is important that you find a way to store and display them in a way that doesn't make the space feel cluttered or closed in. Adding things such as a shelf along the bathtub if there is not enough room on the ledge for your products, allows you to place everything at arms reach when you take your loving bath. Throw in a rose stem, a bottle of wine and two glasses and you'll feel like you are at your favorite romantic treat without having to go any further than your own bathroom.

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