Decorating Ideas for a Romantic Dinner

When preparing a romantic dinner for someone special, atmosphere can be just as important as the menu. Romantic dinners can be emotionally intimate, playful and sexy all at once. In order to decorate well, consider your loved one's personality and preferences. If you've been together for a while, recall favorite memories that you share together. With a little creativity and effort, you can use simple decorative touches to create a special evening.


If your sweetie is the traditional type of romantic, buy some candles and attractive candleholders. Stay away from candles that are too heavily scented, as they can interfere with the aroma of the food. Place the candles near the doorway and create a path all the way to where you are going to share your meal. Choose a nice solid-colored tablecloth that compliments the colors of the room. If you have nicer dishes, glasses and silverware, now is the time to use them. Set the table neatly and include a special place card: Have your partner's name on the front of the card and include a handwritten note inside. Try to convey through your decorations that he or she is special and worth the extra effort and attention. Play some soft music in the background, and get ready to enjoy your meal.


Perhaps the two of you shared a favorite vacation, or maybe there's a place that you frequently talk about visiting but just haven't made it there yet. Decorate your home like that destination. For instance, if you took a trip to the tropics, dress in a Hawaiian style outfit, complete with a lei. Twist green streamers to look like vines and tape them to the top of the doorway so that your partner will walk through them when they arrive. Decorate the room with any beach-type items you might have at home. You could use a surfboard, beach chair, beach towels, and even plastic buckets and shovels. Place a tropical-type flower in a simple vase and surround it with seashells for a centerpiece. Have some island music playing in the background and serve foods such as pineapples, bananas, and fish.


Who says you have to eat in the dining room? The bathtub can be a sensuous place for dining, if you have a tub that is large enough to accommodate you and your loved one. Decorate the trail to the bathroom with rose petals on the floor and candles in various places along the way. Have some soft, romantic music playing. Plan a specific time for your dinner so you can have the tub warm and full. Use some of the rose petals to scatter across the top of the water. Decorate other areas in the bathroom with pictures of the two of you. Use other finishing touches such as a nice shower curtain and fresh, decorative towels (the ones you reserve for company). Lead your sweetie into the room first and leave him or her to disrobe and get settled in the tub. Bring in a large tray that will accommodate the foods and drinks involved in your dinner (finger foods work best for this scenario). Refrain from using glass serving dishes and glasses, as they can slip and break in the wet environment. Place the food and drinks in a location that you both can comfortably reach, then join your partner in the tub.

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