How to Deepen a Relationship

A walk in nature is a soothing way to enhance your relationshipA walk in nature is a soothing way to enhance your relationship

There may come a time in your relationship when it seems that everything that exists between you and your partner is only scratching the surface of life and its meaning. Mundane conversation that leads to nowhere or refuses to steer in a direction of substance may plague the core of your relationship. Deepening your relationship is not simple but is very rewarding and can change many things for the better as long as you two are together.

Step 1

Create an open environment. When it is difficult for someone to communicate his true feelings, you will most likely never truly know what he is thinking. In an open environment, your partner will feel free to communicate without always feeling as if he is being judged. Your partner is much more likely to express himself in a situation where he feels free to do so.

Step 2

Ask open-ended questions. One of the best ways to deepen your relationship is to ask questions that require an explanation rather than a "yes" or "no" response. Asking open-ended questions will also open the door for stimulating conversations. Stimulating conversation is a good way to begin to deepen a relationship as honest emotions and beliefs will often be expressed during these times.

Step 3

Tap into your common spirituality. If you are not an avid church attendant, find out why not. It may not be because you don't want to attend a service of some type; it may be because of an altering belief system. Tapping into your common spirituality does not mean you have to attend church services together, although doing so might be a good idea. Finding out what your common beliefs are in life and why things are the way they are will help to create a lasting bond.

Step 4

Attend to the needs of your relationship. Taking the time to pay extra attention to your partner's wants and needs will help to show her you care. Showing that you care will help to build rapport between you and your partner. Building a rapport is essential in deepening a relationship as small problems will be less likely to have to be addressed. These habits are best expressed without your partner having to ask repeatedly or having to ask at all.

Step 5

Stick to your partner like glue. There is no better way to deepen a relationship than to show someone that you will be there no matter what. Once again, you should be there for your partner without his having to ask in order for this gesture to mean the most. Have patience with him and show understanding in situations where you would want the same.

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  • When good moments occur, mark them with a romantic gesture of some sort, such as a kiss or picking a flower and handing it to your partner. Marking special moments and occasions this way will make memories last longer.


  • Try not to take advantage of your relationship or your partner on a regular basis. This will make it seem like you are taking things for granted in the relationship.

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