Description of Romantic Jewelry

Actress Nicole Kidman sparkles in romantic chandelier earrings.Actress Nicole Kidman sparkles in romantic chandelier earrings.

Romantic-style jewelry is reminiscent of the Romantic time period of poetry, baroque design, corsets and ornate head-dressing. This style of jewelry is sometimes referred to as "Victorian" because of its vintage appeal. Romantic rings, earrings, necklaces and hair accessories are ornate, elegant and super feminine in style. The opposite of edgy and minimalist styles, romantic jewelry makes for great statement pieces.


Romantic-style necklaces incorporate pearls, crystals, gemstones, flowers, beading, chain links and ribbons to create looks that are quintessentially sweet and pretty. One of the most exciting looks for romantic jewelry is the ribbon tie necklace. This ultra-feminine necklace design intricately uses ribbon material to weave through crystals, beads, embroidered fabric and ultimately tie behind your neck for a delicate design. The ribbon tie necklace easily pairs as easily with couture as a T-shirt and jeans. Another version of the romantic ribbon tie-necklace is the ribbon choker necklace. With one large pendant hanging from a black ribbon, this Victorian style romantic necklace adds a regal flair to a deep V-neck suit. A floral, filigree bib necklace is both classic romantic and highly fashionable necklace style. Wear a filigree made out of antiqued brass to play up the vintage element of this style. Wear a filigree bib necklace with a simple, strapless or wide-necked dress to properly profile this elegant statement piece.


To add romantic elegance to an outfit add a pair of chandelier drop earrings. Chandelier earrings are named after the look of a crystal chandelier and fall gracefully from your earlobe toward your shoulder in layers of crystals, pearls, diamonds or gemstones held together by precious metal. For a classically romantic look wear a pair of freshwater pearl chandelier drop earrings that have diamond and sterling silver detailing with an understated evening gown and an equally romantic updo.


Romantic rings come in both dainty, detailed styles and chunky statement ring types. A large ring that piles carved roses, colorful crystals, brass metal wiring and pearls is making a big romantic statement. A more subtle approach to romantic rings is a silver and diamond filigree ring that has intricate detailing and a dome-mounted diamond. This timeless design looks as if you pulled it straight out of a black-and-white photo. These styles, although very different, both have a vintage romantic look to them.

Brooches and Hair Jewelry

Brooches are seeing a style revival. Once thought of as a piece of your grandmother's jewelry repertoire, designers use brooches to create stylishly romantic looks and attach them to jackets and shirt collars, and to fasten scarves. Wear a diamond or crystal floral brooch or pins in a wavy updo for a romantic hairstyle that is perfect for weddings, proms or special occasions. The sweet and soft touch of romantic jewelry makes any outfit more feminine.

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