How to Develop a Relationship With a Girl

Build a healthy, long lasting relationship with a girl.Build a healthy, long lasting relationship with a girl.

Meeting the right girl and developing a relationship takes time and perseverance. The old saying that "a good relationship doesn't happen overnight" is true. Developing a relationship takes hard work, devotion, commitment and involvement. The hardest part is making a connection. Once you find the right girl, be patient, and work on the relationship.

Go to places where you find single girls, like church, grocery stores, a nice bar, or any public event. Find someone who has similar interests, so you have some common bonds.

Talk with the person you are interested in, and be honest. If she loves science fiction movies but you hate them, tell the truth. Don't start a relationship with lies. Meet at a public place like a restaurant for the first date. Talk, go see a movie, go to a fair or anything you both enjoy. Go out several times and form a bond. Find out all the things you have in common, and build a relationship through your mutual likes.

Call the girl often, and keep going on dates. Ask her to family events, go to amusement parks or go on walks in the park. See her, at least, once a week. Don't smother her, but make sure she knows you're interested. You want a connection, but you don't want her to feel stalked. If you want constant attention, you come across as too needy or demanding, and it might turn her off.

Make subtle physical gestures like a kiss, hand holding, lightly affectionate back rub, or stroke her hair after a few weeks into the relationship. Let the relationship develop before getting too physical.

Engage in intimate conversations after several months of dating. This helps bring the relationship closer. If you are afraid to discuss your wants, needs or dreams, she feels it, and pulls away. Talk about your feelings without worrying, if she cares, she'll show her feelings to. This helps the relationship grow. Keep going out, or stay in and watch a movie. Take short trips together. Spending more time together strengthens the relationship.

Apologize, whether something was her fault or yours, if you get in an argument. Don't be stubborn and try to force her to apologize. It takes two people for an argument, so admit your fault. It keeps feelings from being hurt, and relationships from ending. Stubborn people, who have the "I'm always right" attitude, end up with a lot of broken relationships. If you bend, like a plant bends in a storm, you work through the problem while making your relationship better. Some things change during your relationship. You might spend less time with family or friends. You make some sacrifices in your life, so your relationship works.

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Things You Will Need

  • Patience


  • Keep in mind that people with similar interests have more in common. If you like the same things or do the same things, there is less tension at the beginning of the relationship. You have common things you talk about without thinking of things in advance. It keeps you from getting that panicked feeling because you can't think of things to talk about.
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