Difference Between Modern & Traditional Dating

The Internet has influenced dating practices.The Internet has influenced dating practices.

Technology has had a tremendous impact on people's lifestyles, views and actions. More and more people have turned toward technology to make their lives easier and more convenient. In fact, few areas in life have been spared from this modern technological revolution, and even dating has changed and adapted over the years.

Romantic Traditional Dating

Traditional dating usually involves asking somebody out on a coffee or movie date, and it involves interpersonal face-to-face interaction. By meeting each other in person, people get to know each other and decide whether they want to continue dating. The whole process has a more romantic appeal compared to searching people online and chatting with them over the computer screen.

Targeting Dates

Yet one of the disadvantages of traditional dating is the fact that you usually do not know much about the other person. This can lead to uncomfortable dating experiences. However, with online dating, you have the chance to check through profiles and chat with the person before the actual first date. This way you generally have a better idea about the other person's life and interests, and it could make the first date more relaxed and pleasant.

Anonymity and Expressing Feelings

Some people are at a disadvantage in traditional dating situations. They may be timid and find it difficult and stressful to meet new people. Online dating offers the opportunity of anonymity, and you can engage in conversation in the comfort of your home. You may find it easier to express your thoughts and feelings over the Internet, and once you feel comfortable with the other person, you can decide to meet up with each other.

Cost and Time Factors

Another reason why people turn to online dating is the matter of cost and time. When you are dating at first, you will need to go out and spend money on restaurants and movies. In addition, many people claim they are too busy for dating. But because of its quick and efficient process, online dating is an option for these people, as they generally do not waste as much time or money during the dating process.

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