Different Types of Kisses

young couple kissingyoung couple kissing

Kissing is an expression of emotion. The type of kiss you give reflects the relationship between you and the person you’re kissing. Different types of kisses have different meanings. You wouldn’t kiss a friend or relative the way you would kiss a spouse or boyfriend. Sometimes a kiss can start off as friendly and work its way into a passionate and romantic kiss. Kisses are an expression of passion, platonic love or a form of greeting between friends.

French Kiss

couple engaging in a french kiss

The French kiss is a passionate smooch between two romantically-involved individuals. French kisses are very intimate because not only do the lips caress, but so do the tongues of both the kissers. French kisses can be offensive if the person on the receiving end does not perceive the relationship as romantic, intimate or passionate; but they can also create sparks between individuals who had never thought of the other person as a potentially romantic mate. French kisses can start and end in many variations; they may include kissing the bottom lip, or flicking the tongue against the partner’s teeth.

Aggressive Kiss

couple kissing passionately

Aggressive kisses are very passionate kisses that may involve sucking on lips and tongue. Aggressive kisses can start off as a peck or French kiss that graduates to a more aggressive version of that kiss. It is usually harder and may leave bruises, playfully called hickeys on the recipient. Aggressive kisses can leave your lips and mouth feeling sore. Aggressive kisses may lead to foreplay.

Playful Kisses

two woman giving a man playful kisses

Playful kisses can be platonic or passionate, but they are always intimate. Playful kisses involve kissing all over the face or body, which can be done to express love to children or to a partner. An all over kiss is a series of gentle kisses that take place all over the recipient. The kisser begins by kissing the forehead and moving down the face and ending at the lips. These types of kisses can be used for foreplay to arouse the recipient.

Friendship or Platonic Kisses

son kissing his father on the cheek

Friendship and platonic love kisses are kisses without romantic passion. People reserve these types of kisses for friends, family members and relatives. Less intimate kisses consist of a kiss or peck on the cheek; there is no meeting of lips and certainly no tongue. A kiss on the lips is acceptable but usually reserved for more intimate relationships, such as between close friends or with immediate family members. A variation of the peck may occur, depending on personality. Some people like to give the double peck: one on each cheek.

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