How to Do millionaire dating to date wealthy men

Do millionaire dating to date wealthy menDo millionaire dating to date wealthy men

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing some form of millionaire dating to date wealthy men. In fact, hard wired in most women's DNA is the fact that they seek a mate who can provide for she and her offspring. But to date wealthy men, comes a special skill. Millionaire dating is an art that sometimes takes a total reconstitution if you don't come from a wealthy background and have never dated wealthy men or rich prospects.

Smarten up your look. Everything about your image should signal class and wealth. If you aren't sure how wealthy women dress, drive to some of the most exclusive shopping centers in your area and note what wealthy women wear who date wealthy men. Depending upon your location it may be chic black ensembles with key "rich pieces" like pearls. A tailored blazer and a crisp white shirt with smart quilted flats might be others. But take note.

Do the things that wealthy men do. Frequent your local yacht club. Take up a few lessons of golf at the most exclusive courses in your area. Again the law of attraction and many other experts state that you make within 10k of your closest associates. So begin to hang out where the wealthy do.

Make rich girlfriends. Join your local junior league, express interest in volunteering. To piggy back off the previous step, your net worth is comprised within a few thousand dollars the net worth of your closest friends. So if you want to do millionaire dating to date wealthy men, change your friends.

Vacation at the hot spots. Research places like Martha's Vineyard and the Hamptons. Go there in the summer. Be seen at all the trendiest spots. Make friends and go to lots of parties.

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