How Do You Know If a Girl Is into You?

A girl who gives you lots of attention probably likes you.A girl who gives you lots of attention probably likes you.

Sometimes it feels impossible to decide whether or not a girl likes you, especially if she's a girl you like. If you're interested in dating a girl, it's important to figure out whether she's interested, too. While it can be tricky to decide whether a girl likes you, it can be done --- just look for a few signs to help you out.

Is She Flirting?

A simple way to tell if a girl likes you is to look for classic flirting signs. Flirty looks, subtle smiles, inviting body language and long conversations about you are all ways a girl may tell you she's interested. It's easy to trust your gut in this case; if you feel like a girl is flirting with you, she probably is.

Is She Touching You?

If a girl likes you, she'll let you know through subtle (or not-so-subtle) body language. If she touches you on the arm or shoulder when she talks to you, she's probably flirting. If you sit down next to her and she rests her head on your shoulder or moves so your hands or legs touch, there's a good chance she likes you.

Is She Laughing?

A girl who likes you will laugh at all your jokes, even if they're not funny. It's a way for her to make you feel good about yourself while making you want to be around her longer. If you tell a long string of jokes and she doesn't stop laughing, she might like you.

Is She Curious?

If a girl likes you, she's likely to pry for information about whether you have a girlfriend or you're interested in somebody. Pay attention if she brings up a school dance or your weekend plans. She may be trying to find out who you're going with.

Are Her Friends Around?

Girls will most likely tell their friends all about the person they like. The next time you talk to the girl, look around and see if her friends are watching your interaction. If they're in the corner watching and giggling, there's a good chance she's told her friends she likes you.

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