How to Draw Romantic Hearts

The heart is even used as a suit in card decks.The heart is even used as a suit in card decks.

The heart is recognized across the globe as a symbol of romantic love. The symbol of a heart evolved from the shape of an upside-down triangle. This inverted triangle symbolizes feminine and sexual power, which is quite romantic. Now, the heart is the principal shape used on Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions. Drawing a heart freehand can be a difficult task, but if you concentrate on the simple shapes that make up a heart, you can draw a beautiful one in no time.

Draw two circles next to each other so that their sides barely touch. These will form the top of the heart. Draw them lightly so that you can erase the unneeded lines later on.

Draw a horizontal line extending across the middle of the circles, from the left side of the left circle to the right side of the right circle. Again, make sure to draw it lightly so you can erase it easily.

Turn this line into an upside down triangle by extending a line down from each end of the first line so that they meet below at a point.

Outline the shape of the heart with a pen or by pressing down on the pencil as you follow its shape.

Erase the guidelines inside the heart. The guidelines are the horizontal line and the parts of the circles that you didn't make a strong outline around.

Personalize the heart by adding color (like pink or red), highlights to make it look shiny.

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Things You Will Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser


  • Feel free to experiment with the shape of your hearts by making the circles and the upside-down triangle different proportions. You could make skinny, tall hearts or short, wide hearts. You can even round the sides of the triangle to make your heart look more cartoon-like.
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