How to Dress up Like a Soldier

Put a little spice into a relationship by adding role-playing into the mix. There are many ideas from which to draw with only the imagination as a boundary. One common fantasy is the soldier, which is where the phrase, "I love a man in uniform," comes from. Here are some suggestions for dressing up like a realistic soldier.

Look like a modern soldier in the new Army Combat Uniform (ACU), which replaced the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and Desert Combat Uniform (DCU). The field jacket, trousers and patrol cap are in a matching camouflage pattern of green, gray and tan. Wear a green T-shirt under the jacket and tan boots.

Choose the recognizable three-color green BDU or the three-color DCU. These uniforms have a camouflage field jacket, trousers and patrol cap. Wear a green or brown T-shirt under the jacket. The boots are black for the BDU and tan for the DCU.

Charm the man or woman in your life with the Army Service uniform blue jacket with gold buttons. Men wear blue pants and women wear a knee-length skirt. Wear a white collared shirt and tie under the jacket. Shoes are black and the cap is blue.

Add a little romance with a vintage battle dress uniform. Many styles are available online from the Civil War-era to the "tiger stripe" camouflage pattern used in the Vietnam jungle.

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Things You Will Need

  • Field jacket
  • Trouser
  • T-shirt
  • Patrol cap
  • Boots


  • Don't use real weapons for dress up as there is always a danger of injury.

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