Easy Flirting Tips

Flirting is as basic to human behavior as breathing. In societies where marriages are not arranged, flirting is one means of indicating initial interest in a potential mate. Flirting can also be a fun means of relating to attractive strangers. Whether flirting for fun or flirting with intent, there are a few guidelines to increase the potential for a successful flirting encounter.

Is He/She Interested?

Gauge whether your intended flirting partner will be receptive to your advance. If he is looking directly at you and has an open stance with his thumbs hooked into his jeans pockets, he is subconsciously showing himself to be a virile, desirable male. If she is shyly glancing at you, smiling, then dropping her gaze, then looking back at you while primping with her hair, she is letting you know she is an attractive female. In both instances, you are getting a pretty clear go-ahead sign. Feel free to make your initial approach.

Body Language Clues

Watch for positive body language during your conversation. It is a very good sign when your flirting partner has his body turned directly toward you. If he runs his fingers through his hair or she briefly touches your forearm during your conversation, things are going well. If you find that your flirting partner is glancing at your lips, he is probably imagining what it would be like to kiss you. If she is unconsciously mirroring your body posture, that's a sure sign that she is into you. Dilated pupils are a dead giveaway that someone is very interested. It is a subconscious, involuntary human response to something which is desirable.

Getting Closer

Let your flirting partner know you are enjoying his company. Nothing works better than a smile. Lean in close and drop your voice while you are talking to create a sense of intimacy. The idea is to create a sense of being a couple. Shared laughter can also create a positive flirting environment. On the other hand, be careful not to share too much. Save the heart tugging stories of your difficult childhood or gripes about your overbearing boss for your buddies or your girlfriends. Keep the conversation light and easy, at least at first.

Ask For the Date

Once you've established a rapport, you want to make sure you arrange to see your flirting partner again. You may want to ask for a date then and there. At the very least, get her phone number or email address. Then, follow up. Remind him of where and when you met and suggest a fun activity, perhaps something mentioned during your earlier conversation. This is especially flattering, because it is a clear indication that you were paying close attention during the conversation.

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