The Effects of Unhealthy Ego in a Relationship

Believing in yourself and your abilities is a good thing, but an over-inflated view of your strengths can be a detriment. An unhealthy ego can have a harmful effect on relationships. This negative effect stems from the issues that someone in possession of an unhealthy ego likely suffers from as well as the ability of someone with an ego that has outgrown its bounds to connect with another individual.

Failure to Connect

Those who suffer from an over-inflated ego may put up barriers that prevent them from truly connecting with people, making developing a deep relationship nearly impossible. As "Psychology Today" reports, individuals with an unhealthy ego often do not present their true selves to others, making it nearly impossible for people to truly get to know them. If a person with an over-inflated ego dedicates all of his energy to maintaining this persona, he will likely have none left to form real connections.

Ego-Related Frustration

Those trying to form relationships with individuals with over-inflated egos often find the task a frustrating one. If these ego-filled individuals are also boastful they may be difficult to stomach, because few people like to listen to people constantly talk about themselves and how wonderful they are. Because those with excessive egos can come off as arrogant, those who are close to them may ultimately be repelled.

Unwillingness to Change

Many individuals with an unhealthy ego feel that they have no need to change any aspect of their personality or life. This unwillingness to change to accommodate the needs of others can prove problematic. Some change and accommodation is almost always necessary when crafting a mutually respectful relationship.

Overcoming Ego Issues

Much to the chagrin of those with unhealthy egos, the only way to overcome these problems is through ego deflation. For some, the best way to accomplish this is through counseling. A counselor can often get to the root of the ego issues and address the problems at the core, making it possible for these individuals to form healthy relationships in the future.

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