How to Get an Eight-Pack in a Month

Get an Eight-Pack in a MonthGet an Eight-Pack in a Month

If you find that your abdominal exercise routine has only earned you a six-pack, there is a way to get an eight-pack set of abs in only 30 days. It will not be easy, though: You will have to make some sacrifices when it comes to food and time. But if you want to rise above the standard and have awesome, eight-pack abs, perform the following exercise routine at least six times a week.

Set aside time each day to perform your eight-pack exercises. Even if it is not always at the same time of day, you need to be able to devote at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted exercise and maybe another 20 minutes to shower and recover. Getting eight-pack abs in 30 days will be a daunting task.

Change your nutritional habits. No matter how much you exercise, the wrong diet can cover your abs with a layer of fat. Fat settles differently on different people, but you will need to cut out the extra calories. Reduce (but do NOT eliminate) your sugar and fat intake and increase your proteins.

Perform a proper crunch to strengthen your abs into an eight-pack. Your feet should be flat on the ground, your legs at a 45-degree angle and your arms crossed, with your fingers touching your shoulders or your ears. When you rise up for the crunch, keep your eyes focused on the ceiling. Stop when your elbows touch the middle of your thigh. Return to the starting position. Repeat at least 25 in one set.

Do a set of reverse crunches to develop your lower abdominals. Begin with the same form as a crunch. This time, bring your knees up and over the middle of your abs and then return them. Be sure to keep your knees straight and focused on the 45-degree angle. Do at least one set of 25 reverse crunches.

Start in the crunch position from Step 3. Go to the "up" position, but instead of immediately returning to the down position, slowly lower yourself at a 10-second count until you reach the floor. Repeat 10 times for one set.

Lie on your back with your legs all the way out and together, but hovering about 2 inches from the ground. Raise your legs until your body forms an "L," then slowly lower them to the count of 10 until they are 2 inches above the ground. Repeat 10 times for one set.

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Things You Will Need

  • Loose clothing


  • Complete at least two sets of these exercises the first two weeks. Increase the number of reps by five each week. In your third week, add an extra set to three of the exercises. In your last week, do three sets of each exercise.


  • Always consult a physician before performing any new exercise routines.

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